About Us

Our Mission

Providing Mission Critical Solutions that meet the Mission Critical Requirements of our Customers

Our Guiding Principals & Core Values

We regard the Focused Mission team as a family, to share in responsibility, and elevate each other. As a team, compassion for each other and our customers are critical for success. Our goal is to set a new level in work ethic & creativity. The team must have fun and share in the excitement of success. Above all, the Focused Mission team will always display the highest level of professionalism with respect.
Jesus portrayed servant leadership in John 13:1-17. He became a servant to his disciples to portray a new paradigm of leadership and, in turn, model how the disciples should treat one another and others. As a core value at Focused Mission we strive to model the servant leadership of Jesus and serve one another every day.
At Focused Mission we accept our individual and team responsibilities and we always try to meet our commitments on time. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions. We honestly review our mistakes and successes and strive for continuous improvement.
Focused Mission values the open and honest communication with customers, shareholders, partners and team members. Building honest relationships through understanding and communication is essential to our success.