Available Services

Mission Support

Mission critical support for responders and companies requiring 24/7 access to equipment and technicians both remote and onsite to assist at any stage of need.

Mission Planning

Technology consulting support for a multitude of requirements such as preparing RFP's, project management, risk and COOP assessments, and exercise development and review.

Mission Network

Providing network service offerings geared specifically for critical communications and technology needs. Including, but not limited to, satellite bandwidth plans, hosted PTT, HUB services, and cellular SIM/M2M services.

Mission Equip

Sales and service of fixed and portable VSAT systems, VOIP installations, PTT over LTE solutions, mission push packages, and other technology needs.

Mission Training

Providing training on your agencies/companies equipment, technology certifications, custom training, and mission specific training needs in-person or online.

Mission Help

The non-profit arm of Focused Mission that provides a technology clearing house for loaner or gifted equipment as well as provides volunteer responders, technology surveys, technology support, and donation facilitation for non-profit mission and aid groups.

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